Confirmed speakers:

DG FISMA, European Commission

Mr. José Miguel Tabares, Director of CRAB (Spanish Registral anti money laundering Centre)

Mr. Pedro Manuel Comín Rodriguez, Director of SEPLAC (Spanish Executive Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Offences)

Mr. Aitor Cubo, General Director of digital transformation at the Ministry of Justice of Spain

Ms. Rosa Vidal Monferrer, Partner of Broseta Law firm

Ms.Luisa Clode, ELRA President. The interconnection of the Land Registers of the EU

Mr. Francisco Javier Chocarro, Spanish Registrar

Ms. Mojca Kunšek and Ms. Maja Grčar, AJPES

Mr. Ignacio Alamillo, Lawyer and specialist in trusted electronic services

Mr. Niccolò Stamboglis, Data Scientist at Infocamere

Mr. Krzysztof Jesse, Bundesanzeiger  

Mr. Michele Riccardi, Deputy Director of Transcrime

Mr. Frederic Meunier, World Bank

Mr. Flavio Burlizzi (Unioncamere, Europa) and Mr. Iñaki Vazquez (Colegio de Registradores de España) – International Business Register Survey and Report

Ms. Marija Boshkovska Jankovski – Representative of CRF

Ms. Tanya Gibson – IACA president

Ms. Constanza Puentes Trujillo – Representative of ASORLAC

Cocktail event – 14 June

The cocktail event will start at 8pm at the GRAN MELIA FÉNIX at Calle de Hermosilla, 2 28001 Madrid. All conference attendees are invited to the cocktail event.

Gran Melia Fenix, Madrid

Gala dinner – 15 June

The gala dinner will take place on the evening of 15 June for all conference attendees. The dinner will be at the Museo de Traje, Av. Juan de Herrera, 2. 28040 Madrid.

Please make your way to the restaurant for 8pm.

Transport has been arranged at the end of the evening to return guests to Diego de León, 24 – 28006.

Cultural events – 16 June

At 3.30 pm a bus will depart from Diego de León, 24 – 28006 Madrid for a 2 – hour tour around Madrid for all conference attendees.

The tour will includes stops at:

Painting by Manuel Rodríguez Avís